Millburn/Short Hills has five elementary schools that serve students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The location of a local resident’s home defines his or her children’s placement in a certain elementary school, as the township is divided into five separate elementary school districts.

Deerfield Elementary School has an active enrollment of 492 students.

Glenwood Elementary School’s active enrollment is 502 students.

Hartshorn Elementary School’s active enrollment is 540 students.

South Mountain Elementary School’s active enrollment is 362 students.

Wyoming Elementary School’s active enrollment is 333 students.

Proficiency scores for elementary schools in New Jersey are generated every year by the State Department of Education and published in The Star Ledger. The proficiency scores show how Millburn/Short Hills elementary schools are in Top 10 percent for Education Achievement in New Jersey. The percentages display results into three categories—language, math, and science, and are broken down into two quality scores, passing and advanced. Passing means the students of the elementary school demonstrate passing skills for the statewide proficiency tests. Advanced means the students demonstrate superior skills, excelling well beyond the statewide proficiency test expectations for passing. Below are the scores for each elementary school in Millburn/Short Hills.


  • Language: 73% Passing, 15% Advanced
  • Math: 41.3% Passing, 56.3% Advanced
  • Science: 36.3% passing, 61.3 % advanced


  • Language: 74% Passing, 15.6% Advanced
  • Math: 27.3% Passing, 72.7% Advanced
  • Science: 20.8% passing, 79.2% advanced


  • Language: 71% Passing, 20.3% Advanced
  • Math: 31% Passing, 68.1% Advanced
  • Science: 28.1% passing, 73% advanced

South Mountain:

  • Language: 85% Passing, 31% Advanced
  • Math: 34.3% Passing, 65.9% Advanced
  • Science: 17.1% passing, 87.9% advanced


  • Language: 71.1% Passing, 21.7% Advanced
  • Math: 47.8% Passing, 52.2% Advanced
  • Science: 26.1% passing, 73.9% advanced