Trains (40 Minutes to NYC)

Short Hills Train StationShort Hills and Millburn each have a train station that operates the Midtown Direct train line. The Midtown Direct train runs from New York City to Short Hills/Millburn every hour on the hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

During peak commuting hours, 5 am to 9 am, trains depart for New York Penn Station every twenty minutes. Similarly, trains depart from NYC Penn Station for Short Hills/Millburn every twenty minutes during peak hours of 4:30 pm to 7 pm.

Please see train schedules on as train schedules are updated every month.

Millburn Train StationMany homes in Short Hills and Millburn are walking distance to the train station. Other homes are within a five minute car ride.

For those who choose to drive, there are parking lots in both Short Hills and Millburn train stations where local residents can purchase parking passes. Below is the breakdown in pricing for parking passes:
Commuter Permits: Annual, $510, Semi-Annual, $375. Annual second car, $600, semi-annual second car, $425.

Business Permits: Annual business, $330, semi-annual, $315, transferable, $400.

24 Hour Permits: Annual, $300, Semi-annual, $200.

A parking pass allows you to park at either parking lot, Millburn or Short Hills. However, the Millburn parking lot has valet service, a complimentary bonus that many local residents enjoy.

Parking permits are issued through the Tax Office at Town Hall. Requirements for commuter permits are as follows: residents only, completed application, copy of vehicle registration issued to your township residence, copy of vehicle insurance card (for leased vehicles), checks made payable to “Millburn Township.”

Buses (30 Minutes to NYC)

If you’d rather ride the bus to NYC, Millburn offers that too! Through NJTransit, buses depart every morning from Millburn and arrive in NYC.  The bus leaves every two hours from Millburn for NYC.

Bus Service For Schools

Bus service is available for all local residents who wish to have their children driven to school. Every elementary school, as well as the middle and high school provides bus service every day of the school year. When severe weather occurs, such as a snowstorm, school will be canceled or postponed if the bus service is not able to safely pick up and transport the children to their respective school. The bus system is designed to operate by location. One bus picks up the same children every day that live on a certain number of streets in town. This provides familiarity and comfort for parents and children, as they know who the bus driver is and what children will be on the bus every day. Since many parents choose to drive their children to school, the bus service is optional and requires a one-time annual fee of 150 dollars.

Driving to New York City (30 Minutes to NYC)

Millburn/Short Hills is twenty miles from Manhattan. Without traffic, the car ride is easily thirty minutes with access to Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel, and George Washington Bridge.