Millburn High School offers a wide variety of AP (Advanced Placement) courses that allow students to explore advanced, collegiate-level studies in specified subjects. At the end of the year, a cumulative exam is given by the National AP board and if students score high enough, they can gain college credit for their work. In 2009, Newsweek ranked Millburn #170 in the top 1,500 high schools in America with 3.165 AP tests taken in 2008 per graduating senior and 56% of all graduating seniors passing at least one AP exam.

Beyond an extensive athletic program, Millburn offers unique and exciting extracurricular activities. From the nationally recognized Forensics team that placed fifth in the National Debate Rankings in 2005-2006, to the Literary Magazine where a piece of creative work entitled, Word, won the Gold Medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in 2009, students are offered a breadth of intellectually challenging and enriching programs.

AP Courses

Available AP Course (with grade usually taken):

English Language (11/12th grade) Spanish Literature United States Government and Politics (11th grade)
English Literature (12th grade) French Language Psychology (12th grade)
Calculus AB and BC (12th grade) Latin Vergil Microeconomics & Macroeconomics (12th grade)
Computer Science, Statistics Chinese Language Biology (10th grade)
Music Theory United States History (11th grade) Chemistry (11/12th grade)
Studio Art I&II (11/12th grade) European History (10th grade) Physics (11/12th grade)
Spanish Language Art History (11/12th grade) Environmental Science (12th grade)

Extracircular Programs:

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Art Club March of Dimes Club
Public Forum Debate Science and Tech Club Gay Straight Alliance
Extemporaneous Speaking and Speech team Philosophy Club Chamber Orchestra
Key Club Asian Club Chorale
Cellar Door Drama Club Jazz Band
Millburn Miller Newspaper SADD The Future Physicians and Nurses Club
Yearbook Jewish Culture